Inputs and Outputs

The T2 offers dual combination XLR/¼" inputs, switchable between Mic, Line, or Instrument level. Each T2 input has its own dedicated trim control. In addition, a global Phantom Power switch allows you to use the T2 with condenser microphones. 

The T2 sports a dedicated stereo headphone output and two TRS balanced line-level outputs. When using the T2 in the studio, simply plug it directly into your monitors; onstage, connect it straight into the soundboard. In addition, MIDI In and Out connectors allow you to use your T2 as a MIDI interface with an ultra-stable clock that keeps all your sequencers and drum machines perfectly locked to audio playback.


We've put a lot of thought into the ergonomic design of the T2. Its knobs not only glide smoothly, but also face slightly upwards, making them easy to access in low-light onstage environments. Three-color wraparound LED signal indicators allow you to easily adjust and set optimal input levels, and a dedicated INST/LINE switch allows you to instantly change between instrument-level or line-level input. (This versatile switch has another function, too: See "Smart Monitoring" below.)

There's also an Input Mix control, with its own three-color wraparound LED, so that you can blend of live input signal with the playback coming from your computer. And a handy "can't-miss" Big Knob volume control allows you to quickly adjust the level of connected headphones along with the overall monitoring level.

Smart Monitoring

With the dual-function Instrument/Line control, the T2 can switch the headphone output from stereo to mono—a convenience that makes life a little easier. Monitoring in mono allows you to remove one set of cans and still be able to hear the sound of everything in one ear—especially handy for vocalists and DJs. Smart Monitoring works even when only microphones are connected to the T2.

MIDI Methodology

Performing electronic music live used to be a crap shoot. With the T2, it's just a matter of hitting the space bar. Simply connect your controllers, sequencers, drum machines and sound modules to its MIDI In and Out connectors, and prepare to be blown away. The speed of Thunderbolt, combined with the rock-solid T2 driver, ensures that your audio and MIDI tracks always line up perfectly: everything plays back exactly the way you played it in, with no “slop” or delay.