Inputs and Outputs

The T4 provides four combo XLR / ¼" inputs, switchable between Mic, Line or Instrument level, complete with phantom power. In addition, there's a dedicated stereo headphone output and four ¼" TRS balanced outputs, one of which can be used as a secondary stereo headphone output. Last but not least, MIDI in/out connectors allow you to use the T4 as a MIDI interface with an ultra-stable clock that keeps all your sequencers and drum machines perfectly locked to audio playback.


In live performance, the T4 effectively turns your computer into an instrument with multiple outputs—great for electronic musicians and DJs. In the studio, you can selectively route audio to different mixer channels and outboard signal processors to create complex effects.



Each T4 channel has a dedicated input gain knob and a three-color wraparound LED signal indicator, allowing you to easily set optimal levels even in low-light onstage environments. In addition, an Input Mix control (with its own three-color wraparound LED) enables you to set the perfect blend of input signal with the output signal coming from your computer, and a Big Knob volume control sets the level of connected headphones as well as the overall monitoring level.*


Each pair of T4 channels also has a dedicated INST/LINE switch. This is used to set the inputs to instrument-level or line-level and also determines the  Smart Monitoring setting.

* Stereo Mix mode only; in Multichannel mode, the Big Knob controls headphone level only.

Operating Modes

The T4 operates in one of two different modes, depending upon output configuration. 

Multichannel Mode

When a connection is made to Output jack 4, the T4 operates in Multichannel mode, with four discrete monophonic output signals from your computer routed to the corresponding four Output jacks. In Multichannel mode, live input signal is sent to the headphone jack only.

Stereo Mix Mode

When no connection is made to Output jack 4, the T4 operates in Stereo Mix mode. In this mode, all live input signal, along with all output signal from your computer, is internally mixed to stereo and is routed to Outputs 1 and 2. In Stereo Mix mode, you can use Output 3 as a second headphone jack.

Smart Monitoring

The T4's unique Smart Monitoring feature allows you to switch between stereo and mono monitoring, depending upon input configuration. Monophonic monitoring allows you to remove one set of cans and still hear the sound of everything in one ear—great for vocalists and DJs.